Early spring in Southern Israel 2014

Earlier than in previous years I visited Southern Israel this March to photograph some of the few local species that were still missing in the collection for my book about birds in Israel. The original plan was to focus on the migration of Steppe Eagles - but I had to dismiss this idea quickly given the rainy weather and the absence of nearly any visible bird migration during long periods of my stay.

At least on my two last days the weather changed and many many birds took advantage of that and continued their northward migration.

Nevertheless I enjoyed being back to Israel and overall the trip was successful also in terms of photography. With the help of my local friends  (special thanks to Yoav Perlman and Rony Livne) and permits from the Nature and Parks Authority INPA (many thanks for that to all people involved) I managed to get good photographs of the charismatic Hume's Tawny Owl, in fact one of the very few birds of Israel that I did not had the chance to photograph so far. Also I added some nice pictures of breeding Bonelli's Eagles and other species. Click into the picture to enlarge the slide show.