Schwarzstorch, Coconia nigra, Blackstork

Black Storks are among my favorite birds. It is a privilege to any forest to host such a charismatic bird with high requirements with regard to his breeding habitat. Like in the previous years I spent a few days in the remote forests of the Eifel in southwest Germany photographing breeding Black Storks. The reproduction of the species is rather bad this year, given a long cold and rainy period in the spring. Of 35 breeding pairs in the Eifel area more than 50 percent did not suceed.

Rotfuchs, Fuchs, Fox



Birds and other animals have discovered cities as a good place to live since long. Some otherwise very shy species can be seen here even much easier than in "wild" nature. Many of the cemetries in Berlin for example are real oasises for wildlife. Many of the photographs shown here were taken on graveyards.



Aquila pomarina, Schreiadler, Lesser Spotted Eagle


Lesser Spotted Eagles (Aquila pomarina) are the rarest Eagles species breeding in Germany. The north-eastern states of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern hold  the last remaining breeding pairs and constitute the westernmost distribution range of the species. The german population of LSE consists of about 100 breeding pairs. 

Different from other Eagle species LSE migrate in big groups towards their wintering grounds in Africa. For several years I have been observing this spectacular phenonemon during many trips to Israel. Nearly the entire world population migrates through a small corridor over the Northern Valleys of Israel every autumn.  About 100.000 birds have been counted here annually in recent years. 

Aquila clanga, Aquila heliaca, Greater Spotted Eagle, Imperial Eagle

Greater Spotted and Eastern Imperial Eagles are rare raptors with breeding populations mainly in Eastern Europe and Russia. Of both species less than 10.000 mature birds do exist worldwide. I am photographing these charismatic birds since several years in their wintering grounds in Israel. 



A gallery with photographs taken during crane migration in Germany and Israel


Photographs taken during several trips to the desert and steppe regions of Israel: Negev, Arava-Valley and Judean Desert.




 I spent two weeks hiking and photographing in and around the famous Rondane National Park in central Norway in early July. Searching the map of Middle-Norway for a good base for photographic and hiking expeditions in the area I soon stumbled across a small village that seemed to be ideally placed: Hovringen.


It is well known that Israel is the place to go to witness Bird- and especially raptor migration. Whereas many birdwatchers travel to the country during the spring season and mainly visit the southern Eilat area, the autumn migration takes place nearly without any attention from foreign birdwatchers. This despite the fact that autumn migration of Lesser Spotted Eagles is among the most spectacular wonders of nature one can imagine.


After three successful weeks of photography in Israel's Northern Valleys in October (see report in english here, a french version here and a german version here.) I spent another two weeks in November in the Hula Valley, Northern Israel. Main aim was to photograph wintering raptors, especially eagles. 

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