Bird migration has fascinated people since thousands of years. Even people who do not have a special interest in birds gather in autumn to watch cranes coming in their thousands to a night roost or mention happily that they saw the first swallow in spring.

However, as a photographer it is not always easy to "translate" the phenomenon of Bird migration into pictures. Bird migration does not always take place in huge groups of birds, migration often happens at night and the exact migration routes are not always easy to predict. This gallery intends to show my attempts to translate my associations with "Bird migration" into photographs.


Nubian Ibex

I visited Israel in late September mainly to photograph Sooty Falcons (Falco concolor), one of the most impressive birds in the Middle East. As they breed only in late autumn my visit was timed accordingly. The project would not have been possible without the support of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, En Ovdad National Park and especially Jewgeny, the Ranger who helped me getting to the rather remote breeding place. And of course Meidad Goren who is currently surveying the Israeli population of Sooty Falcons. Toda raba to all of them.

Eastern Imperial Eagle

This gallery contains a collection of larger format photographs of several species of Eagles, taken over several years in Israel, Germany, Norway and Latvia. The photos were taken partly in self-constructed hides, in hides maintained by others and partly without special camouflage or arrangements. 


Spanish Imperial Eagle

I spent the first half of May in the Spanish province of Extremadura to photograph some of the local birds. In this vast and remote province substantial populations of some of the rarest raptors have survived - among them Spanish Imperial Eagle with about 50 breeding pairs and Bonnelli's Eagle. Also this region close to the border with Portugal is a stronghold of Cinerous Vultures.


Earlier than in previous years I visited Southern Israel this March to photograph some of the few local species that are still missing in the collection for my book about birds in Israel.


Cranes Hermon


Impressions from a 10 days trip to the North and the South of Israel in the cold December 2013.

Israel suffered from an unprecedented cold snap with a lot of snow in December. For many residents this meant power outages and trafficchaos. Our trip thus could not have taken place in a better period. Roads were free when we arrived but the hills of the Galilee and the Hermon Mountains as well as the Golan plateau were still covered with a lot of snow - giving plenty of opportunities for photography. 

Schreiadler, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Aquila pomarina


I visited Ugis Bergmanis in Latvia for a few days in July to photograph Lesser Spotted Eagles once again, but this time also at the nest-site.



Schreiadler, Aquila pomarina, Lesser Spotted Eagle

Since 2008 Ugis Bergmanis has provided a global audience with realtime footage from nesting Lesser Spotted Eagles. Important data on the breeding biology and diet of the birds has been collected by the project since then. Now a  new project to help the Lesser Spotted Eagles in their most important breeding grounds in Latvia needs support:  The creation of the first Raptor care and Rehabilitation Station. 

Barn Swallow

In this galery you can find some of my most recent photographs taken within the last week. It will be updated on a regular basis and does not feature only birds.

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